8-28-19 KDEC NEWS

A new destination brand for the Decorah area will be unveiled (Wednesday) morning. Kristina Wiltgen is the executive director of the Decorah area chamber of commerce.

Wiltgen 1

Wiltgen says the public presentation will be the culmination of a year-long process.

Wiltgen 2

The public presentation will begin at eight a.m. in the Steyer Opera House of the Hotel Winneshiek.

City of Decorah officials say they will begin to inspect minimum clearance heights for trees overhanging streets and sidewalks this week. City Forester Sam Hogenson says city code says its the property owner’s responsibility to prune boulevard trees or plantings so they will not cause a hazard to the public, block public walks or interfere with proper lighting of public streets and places. City engineer Jeremy Bril says the city will assist residents with meeting the required clearances by trimming any tree/planting that is not currently meeting the minimum street clearances. Bril says once the city does its trimming, property owners will be expected to maintain the proper clearance. Anyone with questions can contact Hogenson.

The Winneshiek county supervisors approved an agreement with the University of Iowa Law school at its meeting Monday. County officials say the agreement will help fund the law school research regulations at the state and county levels associated with precious metal mining. The agreement will cost the county one thousand dollars.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is going to start offering generic versions of the new blackout license plate next week at your county treasurer’s office to help meet the demand. D-O-T spokesman, Daniel Yeh (Yeah like play) says the plate orders have been brisk and they’ve had nine-thousand sold they began offering them July 1st.


He says the demand for the blackout plates has gone beyond what they expected. Yeh says the wait time for personalized blackout plates has been four to six weeks, and they hope that offering a standard version of the blackout plate will ease some of that demand.

An Elma nursing home has been recognized by the state of Iowa. The Colonial Manor of Elma has presented a Governor’s Award for Quality Care in Health Care facilities. This is the second time the Colonial Manor has received the recognition earning the award back in 2012. The Governor’s Award for Quality Care was established to recognize health care facilities that provide a high level of care to their residents.

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