5-30 NEWS

Two people were rescued on the Upper Iowa River after their kayak capsized Saturday night. Winneshiek county sheriff Dan Marx says it was the third river rescue in the county this year.
Marx 1
Marx offers some tips on how to stay safe on the river.
Marx 2
Marx says river rescues also involve a good number of resources, including drones, air boats and multiple individuals on foot and on ATVs.

Governor Reynolds has been traveling the state signing legislation over the past two weeks. But one item that failed to receive legislation approval is making birth control available over-the-counter in the state.
Reynolds says the issue remains a priority to her.

Iowa farmers who’ve been unable to plant corn yet this year face a deadline this week. Corn planted by May 31st is covered by crop insurance. If that corn fails to sprout because of cold and soggy conditions, insurance will help farmers RE-plant their fields in June. Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig (NEGG, rhymes with “egg”) says there’s been an “historically slow pace” to planting corn AND soybeans this season.
Naig made his comments during an appearance on Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press” program.

Governor Kim Reynolds has declared this “End Distracted Driving” week — and a spokesman for the Iowa State Patrol says a smart phone is the main distraction troopers see on Iowa roads. Sergeant Nathan Ludwig, who says he sees too many drivers texting while he’s on patrol AND when he’s out on the road in his personal vehicle. The state patrol has written about 100 fewer citations so far this year for texting while driving.
There 17 categories of “distracted driving” on the D-O-T’s accident form and Ludwig says drivers using a phone is the “number one” distraction. Troopers have issued 331 tickets for distracted driving since January 1st. Ludwig says the biggest misconception among motorists is a driver can read their email and text while they’re at a stoplight.

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