5-23 NEWS

Should the process of rezoning of flood plain into a commercial shopping area be clarified by city of Decorah officials? Decorah city councilman Kirk Johnson thinks so.
Anyone wishing to “build up” a flood plain needs to make a rezoning request, get permission from the board of adjustment to place fill in the flood plain and get permits from the army corps of engineers and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Johnson suggestes that if there was a clear direction from the city on what permission should be granted first it would be best for all parties involved.

Area law enforcement entities and the Governor’s traffic safety bureau are in the midst of a STEP-or special traffic enforcement program. The click-it-or-ticket campaign is focused on those who don’t buckle up and other traffic violations. The effort will run through June second.

There are two openings for jailers at the Winneshiek county jail. And there’s no shortage of applicants. Winneshiek county sheriff Dan Marx says efforts earlier this year to provide a better salary/benefit package for the position has helped. Marx says they’ve received 16 applicants for the two female jailer openings. He says they must hire two female jailers to remain in compliance with state and federal law.

The Valdictorians and salutatorian has been announced for the class of 2019 at Decorah high school. School officials say the valedictorians are Cassidy Carolan, Evageline Holy-oak, Brayden Krivachek and Leah Weis and salutatorian is Sydney Landstrom. Commencement for the class of 2019 will be held Sunday.

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